Dinning and working tables

A dinning room table, a kitchen table, a table for the whole family or just work table for one? It is up to you what the wood for the board and the material for the legs, the dimensions of the surface finish, will be.

Design your table:

Use and dimensions of a table 

What kind of table do you want – dinning, work, breakfast, tea or bedside? For inside or for your garden?

We can always set the dimensions of the board as you wish. The height of the table depends on the material of the legs. For wooden legs, we can adjust the height as needed, metal legs are 100 cm high as standard. 

Material and processing 

I use oak, ash, larchor or spruce on the table board. The board can be either glued or from one piece. I usually make legs from oak wood, but it depends on the season. I can use cherry, linden walnut, maple or acacia. 

Surface finish 

My own mixture of oils and waxes – hemp, linseed, castor, safflower, orange oil, carnauba wax/beeswax.