Veronika Eisensteinová

There is a part of me in each of my products.


Each piece is original. The combination of craft, artistic perception but also originality and non-adherence to perfectionist sterility creates pieces that the machine does not produce or are not sold in ordinary shops.

My innate impatience, impulsivity, but also yoga practice and the effort to approach the qualities of a Zen master are reflected in my work. Knowledge from apprenticeship as well as education acquired through the study of philosophy. Experiences from traveling around the world but also experiences from traditional cottage. Almost obsessive urge to switch off, perhaps not even breathe and only empathize with nature. Feminity.

On the way somewhere between a village and a forest, across the alley, after storm. Fallen trees whose fate is already sealed. What awaits them, roting?  These are the pieces I am looking for. Plum tree, pear tree, cherry tree, sometimes apple tree, walnut tree, perhaps also willow tree or lime tree. This is what I like the most, I collect it and breathe new life into it. Oak tree. Majestic tree. I have the greatest respect for it.

With what do I work? A chainsaw. An angle grinder. And of course a chisel. A sandpaper, a meter, a pencil. And at the very end? My own mixture of oils and waxes that worked out for me the most.  Hemp, linseed, safflower and castor oil. Orange oil and turpentine. Beeswax or carnauba wax, which also adds a special shine.